• 35 degree trough impact idler

    35 degree trough equal impact idler

  • Conveyor Pulley Bearing Cross Section

    Bearing construction

  • Conveyor Pulleys

    XT Hubs and bushings

  • Van Gorp Double Drum Pulleys

    Double drum pulleys

  • Van Gorp Return self aligning idler

    Return self aligning idler

  • Van Gorp Conveyor Installation

    Idler installation

  • Van Gorp Diamond lagging drum pulleys

    Diamond lagging drum pulleys ready to ship

  • Van Gorp Engineered shaft with sky assembly with SKF bearing assembly

    Engineered shaft with sky assembly with SKF bearing assembly

  • Van Gorp Impact idler installation

    Impact idler installation

  • Van Gorp Snap Back wing pulleys

    Snap Back wing pulleys

  • Van Gorp 35 degree trough equal impact idler

    35 degree trough equal impact idler

Geographic Territory

The Conveyor Pulley & Components team provides complete sales and service support across the Western Region.

Technical Expertise

Our sales/support staff can assist in identifying products, and provide you with required technical data, as well as help you trouble shoot any problems and address any concerns or questions.

Quality & Value

Van Gorp offers quality products and continues to improve product performance with new engineering and designs. This improved performance increases the wear life of the product, which results in less downtime and reduced maintenance costs.

Exceptional Service

The staff at our Modesto location offers exceptional service to ensure your questions are answered quickly. We can also provide product information, as well as check inventory, and handle all inquiries for quotation.

About Van Gorp

Van Gorp Corporation was founded by Franklin “Hap” Van Gorp. Mr. Van Gorp started in 1933, initially performing repairs for coal mines, gravel plants, rock quarries, and area farmers. By the 1950’s, Van Gorp was manufacturing portable conveyor systems for use throughout the Midwest. Van Gorp was officially incorporated in 1957.


In 1976, Van Gorp was acquired by Emerson Electric Co., and in 1988 entered into a new organization phase called Emerson Power Transmission. In October, 2002, Emerson divested to Van Gorp Corporation.

Van Gorp is now owned and managed by company president, Joe Canfield.


Today, Van Gorp’s commitment to product improvement and development has enabled the company to become a leader in engineered conveyor components.

Why Choose Us

Our staff is committed to providing products and services that consistently meet or exceed our customers’ requirements. All our employees are involved and empowered in this process. We emphasize and maintain a commitment to the continued improvement of service. To accomplish this, we have set goals for continual improvement of quality service and sales support, and regularly measure performance of these goals.

“Conveyor Pulley and Components is very proud to have partnered with Van Gorp, a name in our industry which is synonymous with quality. Van Gorp is recognized as being a leader of innovation and continued product improvements in the pulley business since the 1950’s. As a company, CPC is honored to now be a division of Van Gorp, and we proud to be servicing the West Coast out of our Modesto, California location”

Andrew McCune - Vice President of Sales and Business Development





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